Achieve perfect greens with intelliSky’s Turf Pro, the easy to use single image multispectral processor designed for the resource management and monitoring of golf courses and turfgrass optimization. We use specialized sensors & well established indices along with specifically developed algorithms with our research partners to detect problems that are undetectable with the human eye!

Turf Pro detects and helps minimize

  • Hot spots
  • Weeds
  • Fungi
  • Parasite

Measurable Return on Investment

Being able to accurately measure change in your turf grass is an extremely valuable tool to determine if treatments and applications are effective. Actual scalable & manageable results with application from our software and proactive use of fertilizer and water for your golf courses


15%+ possible reduction in water usage
10%+ possible reduction in fertilizer
Disease prevention
Fungus prevention
Weed detection
Labor optimization

Turf Pro Standard Features

Simple & Easy to use with fast results
Measure Change in Irrigation Optimization
Accurately gauge Pesticide performance
Analyze Fertilizer effectiveness & reach
Monitor change & track progress
Export & Share instantly

Specialized Drone Imaging Service

Using our intelliGolf software and drone package, you can get a glimpse into what is happening with your turf to optimize inputs and prevent disasters. All you do is fly your course, transfer the images to your computer, and seconds later you will have data highlighting problem areas and areas where inputs can be optimized. This not only allows reduction of fertilizer, water usage, and problem prevention, it also reduces very labor intensive practices of manually driving around the entire golf course looking for issues with the human eye. Our system uses sensors that can see problems much sooner than the eye.

Coming Soon