Q. What sensor does this software work with?

A. Currently we only support the Parrot Sequoia, but we plan to expand it to other sensors such as MicaSense RedEdge in the near future.


Q. I can't see any select/next button in my directory?

A. The select/next button is only visible when your directory contains images of valid sequoia file name format.


Q. What is the name format of Sequoia image files?

A. Sequoia image file names are in this format: IMG_<Num>_<Num>_<ID>_<Channel>.TIF. Following are some examples:

  • IMG_161215_163219_0010_RED.TIF
  • IMG_161111_190835_0096_NIR.TIF


Q. Can I use a full color scale calibration?

A. Yes, our software allows for such customization.


Q. Can you process the RGB images?

A. Current we are focusing on the multispectral data from the sensor, support for RGB image processing is planned for future.


Q. What is the advantage of this software over other mosaicing tools?

A. Single captures can be processed directly and instantly. No additional processing time is required.


Q. How much area does a single image cover?

A. At 400 Feet AGL, a single capture will cover a little bit less than 4 acres of land.


Q. What are the system requirements for IntelliSky Studio?

A. The minimum requirements are:

  • Windows 7 or newer.
  • Minimum 1gb RAM.
  • Minimum core i3 processor.
  • Minimum 384MB VRAM (Intel HD 4000 or above).
  • 100 mb disk space.